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PU Aluminum Mold

Material - Aluminum Alloy

Process - CNC Machining

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PU Aluminum Mold

We can mould any number of parts from a just few prototypes to thousands of foams, we mould in volume production for a number of prestigious clients with weekly deliveries working to demanding delivery schedules.

1. 15sets CNC machine

2. 3 shifts - 24-hour production

3. Freestanding mould carriers

Timing for your project will depend on the complexity of the parts, the data we work from the type of tooling we manufacture and the PU foam system required.

We can work from 3D CAD data supplied, design your parts for you from scratch or reverse engineer back to CAD data from samples making changes if required.

If we work from CAD data then typically;

1.Xinghui Mold prototype tooling and parts

7-10 days from CAD to moulded foams

2.Low volume or complex prototypes

3-4 weeks from CAD to tooling and moulded foams

3.Production parts from aluminium tools

4-5 weeks from CAD to tooling moulded foams

These are only guidelines; contact us for a quotation and we will provide a more accurate delivery which is subject to capacity at the time of order.

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