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What are the application advantages of rotational molding products?

By admin In Art, News Posted 2023-03-29

Most of the plastic forming process, in the forming stage, the plastic and mold are under very high pressure (pressure), such as injection molding, shrinkage molding, extrusion molding, injection molding, etc., which are widely used. Therefore, when using this forming process to make large plastic products, not only the mold that can bear very high pressure must be used to make the mold heavy and complex, And the plastic forming equipment also needs to be designed and made very firmly. The difficulty of processing and making the machine mold is relatively improved, and the cost is increased.


On the contrary, because the rotational molding process of rotational molding equipment manufacturers only needs the sufficient strength of the frame to support the total weight of raw materials, mold and frame itself, and the closed mold force to prevent the leakage of raw materials, so even if the rotational molding of large and super large plastic products, there is no need to use very heavy equipment and mold, the processing and production of the machine mold is very convenient, the production cycle is short, and the cost is reduced. Theoretically speaking, most of the products formed by rotational molding process are not limited in specifications. It is impossible to produce such a large plastic container with a very high and huge injection molding equipment if injection molding is adopted.

Rotational molding products are more suitable for the production of plastic products with various types and small batch production.

Because the mold for rotational molding is not easy to be affected by external force, the mold is simple, low in price and easy to make. In addition, rotational molding equipment also has greater control. One rotational molding machine can not only install a large mold, but also distribute several small molds. It can not only mold products with different sizes, but also form products with different sizes and shapes. It only needs rotational molding, Therefore, rotational molding process has higher controllability than other forming methods.

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