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What is rotational molding? What is the main purpose? Whats the market prospect?

By admin In Art, News Posted 2023-03-29

At present, rotational molding equipment can not only produce small products with simple structure and single side, but also produce packaging bags with complicated structure, double-layer, large, medium and super large products, including a variety of container products, mobile tool accessories such as car airports, military appliances, ships, and internal organs.


The development of rotational molding industry in China is inseparable from the continuous development of rotational molding new products, the continuous expansion of rotational molding products application field, and the continuous improvement of rotational molding machine manufacturing technology and related technology. Rotational molding industry association will also strongly accelerate the development of rotational molding industry in China in the future. Naturally, we must work hard together. China's rotational molding industry should have a good development. In recent years, rotational molding industry has developed rapidly in North America and European developed countries, and its development rate is higher than the average development rate of all plastic industries. The development of all rotational molding industry is relatively perfect. In addition to the rotational molding machine factory and rotational molding products factory, there are also a very large number of other professional auxiliary factories, such as rotational molding mold factory, mold release agent factory, rotational molding special pigment factory, milling machine factory, insert factory and the wrong material equipment factory suitable for rotational molding. There are also many rotational molding special raw materials for supply These are the factories. The rotational molding equipment made in developed countries is more and more exquisite, and is developing towards the direction of higher and higher level of automation control.

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