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OEM Rotomold Mold

Material - Forged Aluminum Molds/Aluminum Alloy Casting Molds

Process - CNC Machining/Casting

Surface Treatment - Sand blasting/Matte/Customize various textures

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Rotomoulded OEM Rotomold Mold

Rotational OEM Rotomold Mold / Rotomolding OEM Rotomold Mold

Mould Material :Aluminum

Customized Time: Within 30 days

Design Software: Solidworks,Pro-e,UG and Auto CAD

Surface Treatment : Sand blasting/Mirror/Matte/Customize various textures

Mold Process:

3D drawing→CNC machine/Casting→Assembly.weld,polishing,frame,clamp→Surface treatment→QC→Test sample

Application :

OEM Rotomold Mold


Intake Tooling characteristics

- Economic tooling cost .

- Light weight ( as compare to other metal molds ) .

- One-time molding process .

- Resistance to stess-cracking and corrosion .

- Short Leadtime .

- Uniform wall thickness on the finished products .

- Finished products without seams.

- Variety of surface finishing and colors on the finished products .

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