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Roto Sea Kayak Mold

Material - Forged Aluminum Molds/Aluminum Alloy Casting Molds

Process - CNC Machining/Casting

Surface Treatment - Sand blasting/Matte/Customize various textures

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Double Seated Sea Kayak mold/Roto Sea Kayak Mold

Rotational Molding Roto Sea Kayak Mold/  Rotomolding Roto Sea Kayak Mold

Mould Material :Aluminum

Customized Time: Within 30 days

Design Software: Solidworks,Pro-e,UG and Auto CAD

Surface Treatment : Sand blasting/Mirror/Matte/Customize various textures

Mold Process:

3D drawing→CNC machine/Casting→Assembly.weld,polishing,frame,clamp→Surface treatment→QC→Test sample

Application :

Double Seated Sea Kayak mold



1. Design & Engineering Services

Beginning a new project starts with a solid design concept. Our in-house Design & Engineering Department will help advise and manage your project all the way to a produced rototmolded part.

Just provide your idea or a 3D artwork or model, we believe in developing a partnership early on with the customer and strive to reduce lead times and so both parties benefit from rotational molding.

Xinghui rotomolding boat unique advantages:

(1)Rotomoulding lifetime more longer,ordinary alumnium mould life time is about 20000-30000times,steel mould 80000-100000times.

(2)Low cost in comparation with same specification product. rotomolding costis just one thirds of blow mould and injection mould.

(3)One time shaped into finish product,anti acid and alkali,corrosion protective,easy to cleaning,strict air tightenesss,impact protective.

(4)Special proceeding  makes finish product surface ,corners thicknes is higher than   surface.higher usage of raw material.

(5)Perfect air tightenesss,high tenacity,and resilience keep no deformation.

(6)Rotomoulding products can be foamed material for keeps cooling.

(7)Maintain more easily ,long lifetime,cost performance well.

(8)Foam plastic deduce shaking system,makes more reliable during transportation.

(9)Any kinds of inserts,whether complex or not,thickness more than 5MM

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