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Rotational Mold Plastic Vehicle Parts

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Rotational Mold Plastic Vehicle Parts

Rotational Molding Plastic Vehicle Parts/ Rotomolding Plastic Vehicle Parts

Advantages Of Rotationally Molded Products:

  • Economical cost, low mold input cost, suitable for small batch production

  • Hollow one-time molding process.

  • Most of them use pe material, which is resistant to stress cracking and corrosion.

  • The finished product has uniform wall thickness and thick corners, which is stronger than other craft products.

  • The finished product is seamless.

  • Variety of finished finishes and colors

  • The material is UV resistant ensuring your product can be used outdoors.

Application :

Material - Forged Aluminum Molds/Aluminum Alloy Casting Molds

Process - CNC Machining/Casting

Surface Treatment - Sand blasting/Matte/Customize various textures

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