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Advantages of rotational molding

By admin In Art, News Posted 2023-03-29

Advantages of rotational molding

1. Cost advantage

In the rotational molding process, only the strength of the frame is required to support the net weight of the material, the mold and the frame itself, so as to avoid the material leakage of the closed die force; and in the whole forming process, the material is almost not affected by all external forces except the effect of the natural force, thus it has the advantages of convenient machining and manufacturing, short cycle and low cost.

2. Quality advantage

In the whole production process, the product quality and structure are more stable because there is no internal stress.


3. Flexible advantages

Rotational molding process is convenient to manufacture, high quality and low price, so it is especially suitable for multi type and small batch production in new product development.

4. Advantages of personalized design

The products in rotational molding process are easy to change color, and can be hollow (seamless and solderless). The surface treatment of products can ensure the effect of grain, wood, stone and metal materials, and consider the personalized needs of customers in modern society.

The products produced by this technology are: automobile fuel tank, water storage tank, mechanical case, bumper, etc. The main replacement targets are metal parts and FRP products.

Compared with injection molding box, rotational molding box has stronger impact resistance, less deformation, more durable and excellent corrosion resistance. Rotational plastic box is suitable for emergency rescue field, field field, chemical plant field, life and various production fields.

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