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What are the gateways in the design of rotational molding products?

By admin In Art, News Posted 2023-03-29

1. In the direction of product slippage, whether the design includes deep side sink. If so, they have to be designed on the outside or as movable inserts, so the cost of the mold will be increased. Due to the retractability of the plastic, some small dents can be ignored. However, it is necessary to know how much dent level is needed without additional die.

2. How many die pieces are there. There are two molds under the standard condition, but if the design of products is complicated, several molds may be specified. This will endanger the cost of mold, mold maintenance and plastic parts cost.

3. The surface treatment of the products should be specified by the manufacturer of rotational molding military box. Is it inlaid on the surface of the mold or machined on the forged mold. In addition to oil storage, rotational plastic military oil tank also has the functions of heat dissipation, separation of bubbles and deposition residue in hydraulic oil. The difference of surface treatment level not only has great harm to the mold cost, but also sometimes the specific surface treatment will harm the product out of the mold.

4. Whether there are two boundary layers on the product, and whether there are areas where the middle resin flow rotational molding military box dealers can not move well. How far apart is this area. If the distance is long, the surface treatment of the mould here will be very difficult and the cost will be increased. If it is very small, the resin is difficult or even impossible to flow into the cavity.


5. Whether the arc in the design is large enough to make the resin flow to each area of the mold at will. The rotational molding military oil tank must have sufficient capacity, and the requirement of heat dissipation should be considered as much as possible. How much is the sufficient arc semicircle.

6. Whether inserts are used to attach other components to plastic products. What is the position of the insert and whether they can maintain the condition during the forming operation.

7. Where is the analysis surface of the mold. Sometimes the aesthetic standards of products must be different from the specific requirements of mold making in the analysis of the problem.

8. If the compressive capacity of the product wall is higher, whether to design rib plate or "kiss" structure on the product. Rotational plastic water tank is suitable for the production of many kinds and small batches of plastic products. Because the structure of the mold used for rotational forming is simple and the price is low, it is convenient to convert products.

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