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What are the characteristics of rotational molding process for transparent products?

By admin In Art, News Posted 2023-03-29

Transparent rotational products because of high light transmittance, rotational products must have strict surface quality requirements, not all stripes, pores, whitening. Due to the defects of fog halo, black spot, color fading and poor gloss, the raw materials and equipment are difficult to control in the whole injection process. Mold, and even product design, should pay attention to and put forward strict and even unique requirements.

In order to ensure the surface quality of the products, it is necessary to adjust the process parameters such as high temperature, injection pressure and injection speed, so that the mold can be filled and the internal stress will not cause the deformation and cracking of the products.

Therefore, from the raw material preparation, equipment and mold requirements, rotational molding process and raw material solution of products, we should carry out strict practical operation.


1、 The preparation and drying of materials, because there is any residue in the plastics, may endanger the transparency of the products, so it is necessary to store and transport the materials.

In the process of feeding, be sure to pay attention to the sealing to ensure that the raw materials are clean and tidy. In particular, the raw material with water, heating will cause raw material mildew, so must be dry, and in injection molding, feeding must be applied to dry bin.

It should also be noted that during the drying process, the type of gas should be carefully considered and dehumidified to ensure that it will not pollute the raw materials.

For example, the drying process of transparent rotational molding products: raw material process drying temperature (℃) drying time (H) material layer thickness (mm) remarks pmma70 ~ 802 ~ 430 ~ 40pc120 ~ 130 > 6 < 30 choose warm air circulation drying, pet140 ~ 1803 ~ 4 choose continuous drying feeding equipment.

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