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What are the main advantages of rotational molding process?

By admin In Art, News Posted 2023-03-29

Compared with injection molding, injection molding (a rapidly developing plastic processing method), extrusion and other common molding methods, what are the key advantages of rotational molding process?

(1) Suitable for molding large and giant products

Most of the plastic molding process in the whole molding process, raw materials and molds are under very high pressure (pressure), such as the use of common injection molding, extrusion, injection molding, etc., so when using this molding process to produce large plastic products, not only the mold which can bear a lot of pressure must be applied, making the mold more and more heavy and complex, but also the plastic molding equipment must be designed The manufacturing is very solid, the difficulty of machining and manufacturing the machine mold is correspondingly increased, and the cost is increased. On the contrary, the rotational molding process only requires that the compressive strength of the frame is sufficient to support the net weight of the material, the mold and the frame itself, as well as the closing force to avoid material leakage. Therefore, even for large and giant rotational plastic products, it is not necessary to use very heavy equipment and molds. The processing and manufacturing of the machine mold is very convenient, with short manufacturing cycle and low cost.

Theoretically speaking, there is basically no limit on the specifications of products formed by rotational molding process. It is impossible to produce such large plastic containers without expensive and huge injection molding equipment if injection molding is selected.

(2) It is suitable for the production of many kinds and small batch of plastic products (structure: synthetic resin, tackifier, thickener and dye)

Because the mold for rotational molding will not be subject to external force, the mold is simple, high quality, low price and easy to manufacture. In addition, rotational molding equipment also has great maneuverability. A rotational molding machine can not only install a large mold, but also distribute several small and medium chess pieces. It can not only mold products with different sizes, but also mold products with extremely different sizes and shapes. If the raw materials used for rotational molding products are the same, and the products are very thin and thick, it can also be rotational molded Therefore, the rotational molding process is more controllable than other molding methods.


(3) Rotational molding can easily change the color of products

Rotational mold low cost - the cost of rotational mold is about 1 / 3 to 1 / 4 of that of injection mold and injection mold for commodities of the same size, which is suitable for molding large plastic products. Rotational molding mold manufacturers because the production process of each component is in the high temperature and rotation of the production process molding, different from these components produced under pressure, so rotational molding mold does not have to go through special processing to withstand the pressure like injection molding process.

In rotational molding, the material is immediately added to the mold (Title: mother of industrial production) every time, which makes all the materials enter the product. After the product is removed from the mold, the necessary material for the next molding is added. Therefore, when we have to change the color of the product, it is not easy to consume a little bit of raw material, and it does not take time to remove the equipment and mold. In addition to separating the oil from the oil tank and the oil tank, it is also used in the oil storage system. When we use multiple molds to roll mold the same plastic (structure: synthetic resin, tackifier, thickener, dye) products, we can also add different colors of materials in different molds, and roll mold different colors of plastic products.

(4) It is suitable for all kinds of complex shapes of hollow products

In the whole process of rotational molding, the materials are slowly coated and piled up on the inner surface of the mold, and the products have strong copy ability for the fine structure such as the grain on the die; in addition, because the mold will not be subject to external pressure in the whole process of molding, it can immediately choose casting and other methods to make the mold with fine structure and complicated appearance.

(5) Saving raw materials

The wall thickness of rotational molding products is relatively uniform, and the fillet is slightly thick, so it can give full play to the efficiency of materials, which is beneficial to saving raw materials; in addition, in the whole process of rotational molding, there is no runner, rubber inlet and other waste, once adjusted, there is basically no charge in the production process, so the process has high utilization rate of materials. Rotational molding is a very general manufacturing process with market. It will give you more design space, and all you need to invest is the very cheap cost of making goods.

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