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Application of rotomolding technology used for boat advantages

October 19,2023

Material innovation and dynamic change technology are bringing a revolution to the boat industry. Material waste in the boat manufacturing process is greatly reduced, reducing manufacturing costs and creating boats that are lighter, stronger and more environmentally friendly. At the same time, a new generation of power transformation technologies uses cleaner and more efficient power solutions that reduce environmental pollution and operating costs, while providing a quieter and more sustainable sailing experience. The application of material innovation and dynamic change technology for  rotomolding vessels  is driving the boating industry towards a more environmentally friendly, intelligent and sustainable direction. This innovation can meet people's needs for a navigational experience, while also helping to protect the Marine and ecological environment.

As a very important new manufacturing process in China's plastic processing industry, rotomolding plastic products have obvious advantages compared with other processes.

The main products of rotomolding plastic industry of our country are concentrated in amusement facilities, anti-corrosion pipeline, anti-corrosion equipment and storage tanks. According to the standard classification method of the National Bureau of Statistics, China's rolled plastic products have been applied in at least 46 industries. In recent years, China's rolling plastic industry continues to develop well, and the industry supply and demand scale continues to expand, and the market size of China's rolling plastic industry in 2022 will be 25.263 billion yuan, of which the demand scale of amusement facilities will be 8.531 billion yuan, the demand scale of anti-corrosion pipes and equipment will be 8.991 billion yuan, and the demand scale of storage tanks and packing boxes will be 2.582 billion yuan.

Roto plastic products are widely used

Roto plastic is suitable for large and extra-large parts, hollow parts of various complex shapes, and is widely used in chemical, machinery, electronics, light industry and military industries, such as vehicle fuel tanks, storage boxes, large and medium-sized containers, auto parts, packing cases, transportation boxes and corrosion resistant containers

Rotomolding plastic industry has developed rapidly

As a plastic molding technology, rotoplastic is only a supplement to injection molding and blow molding at the beginning, but with the maturity of polyethylene powder technology, it has increasingly become a very competitive molding method in powder plastic molding process, and has developed rapidly.

In recent years, in the developed countries of North America and Europe, the rotomolding plastic industry has developed rapidly, and its development speed is higher than the average development speed of the entire plastic industry, and it has recently become a research hotspot in the field of plastics in China

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